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Hollow Grouting Anchor Rod

Hollow Grouting Anchor Rod 1.Anchor head: the head of the barbs anchor bolt may be positioned in the drilled hole, and to ensure a good rod centered.2, Anchor rod body: assembly of the most important

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Introduction OfHollow Grouting Anchor Rod

1.Anchor head: the head of the barbs anchor bolt may be positioned in the drilled hole, and to ensure a good rod centered.

2. anchor rod body: assembly of the most important building in the anchorage and support plays a major role.

3. grouting stopper: In the process of maintaining the grouting pressure grouting, the slurry sufficiently fill the gap into the surrounding rock.

4.plate: withstand greater stress of surrounding rock.

5.the nut: the rock stress concentration to the backing plate.

Characteristic of Hollow Grouting Anchor Rod

1. take the anchor and grouting pipe function combined when grouting,it is grouting pipe, after the end note pulp becomes an anchor without allocation.

2.the hollow design allows the functions to achieve the grouting pipe, to avoid the traditional construction process grouting mortar tube allocate the loss caused.

3. full grouting pressure grouting and to achieve improved project quality.

4.due to the role of various accessories, the centering rod is very good, mortar anchor body length can be wrapped to avoid the risk of corrosion, to achieve the purpose of long-term support.

5. easy installation, no on-site processing thread, you can easily install plate and nut.

6. combined with supporting special injection pump and bolt grouting process, is the only completely solve the traditional anchor supporting many problems anchoring system.

Parameters Of Hollow Grouting Anchor Rod

1) Drilling: Drilling and drilling machines with ordinary hole clean

2)Insert anchor rod: the installed anchor head insertion hole hollow grouting anchor, anchor bolt head barb imtely caught.

3)Install grouting stopper, plate and nut.

4)Connect grouting machine: through rapid grouting joints will end and the selected anchor grouting machine connection.

5)Grouting: Grouting start the machine, such as the need for improved pressure grouting rock structure, just to be increased to the design pressure gauge pointer when you can.

Pictures OfHollow Grouting Anchor Rod

Hollow Grouting Anchor RodHollow Grouting Anchor RodHollow Grouting Anchor Rod

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