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U-shaped Steel Support

U type steel support is mainly used for mine tunnel, mine tunnel secondary support, as well as support through the mountain tunnel support purposes.

mainly used in mine tunnel, mine tunnel secondary purpose of support, as well as the support of the mountains tunnel support. U-steel stent main features: pressure, supporting a long time, easy to install, not easy to deion.

U-shaped Steel Support Introduction

U type steel frame is a cross-sectional steel shaped llike the English letter "U".

U type steel frame is a cross-sectional steel shaped llike the English letter "U". Section shape, geometry parameters and the material is different from each country, China mainly produce four models :U18, U25, U29, U36. Due to the low bearing capacity, U18 is every rare.

U shaped steel support could effectively reduce the cave, spalling and other accidents, safety and reliability, improved stability of the mine ventilation system and other notable features.

U-shaped steel support with high recycling reuse rate, reduce prop use, environmental benefits are clear. The project is safe and reliable, effectively reduce the cave, spalling and other accidents, improve mine ventilation system stability.

Pictures are only for reference as different product batch & specs.Please contact our sales staff for confirm.

U type Steel Support Features

U type steel support works under pressure, support for a long time, and has the characteristics of easy installation is not easy deion etc.

  • Bear heavy pressure , support long time, has the characteristics of easy installation and not easily out of shape.

  • Carrying capacity of the yielding and stable and reliable, to adapt to the load and deion of the soft surrounding rock

  • The section utilization ratio is high, support the back is convenient, small amount of maintenance.

  • High rate of recovery and reuse, reduce timber use and environmental benefit is obvious.

Utility Model Patent Certificate

U type Steel Support Utility Model Patent Certificate

Quality Test Report

Shandong Province Center of Supervision & Inspection on Minteral Quality

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