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Congratulations To China Coal Group On Being Awarded The “Abiding By Contract And Keeping Promises” Enterprise In Shandong Province For 2016-2017

Date: 30/09/2018   View: 35  Tags: China Coal Group Awarded Abiding By Contract And Keeping Promises
To promote the enterprise good faith construction in Shandong Province, standardize enterprise contract, guide enterprise performance, law-abiding integrity management, according to the "Credit Enterprise of Shandong Province By Public Method", through strict selection, evaluation, China Coal Group, with the perfect credit system and the good faith management for many years, was finally awarded the honorary title of "Abiding By Contract And Keeping Promises"for Industry and Commerce Enterprise by Shandong province administration in 2016-2017 .

The “Abiding By Contract And Keeping Promises” enterprise selection is an objective record of Shandong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in order to encourage enterprises to strengthen contracts and credit management, promote enterprise credit construction in Shandong Province, and create a harmonious and safe market trading environment. The appraisal is an activity that identifies the company whose contract performance credit level meets the prescribed standards and publicizes it to the whole society. Through the basic inion of the reporting enterprise, the enterprise brand management level, the enterprise contract credit management level, the enterprise contract performance ability and status, the business operation efficiency, the corporate social responsibility and credit, the corporate social honour and other aspects, a number of indicators Comprehensive accounting, analysis and evaluation, through the strict screening of layers, the best enterprises in the province can win this honor.

As a large multi-industry and diversified enterprise, China Coal Group has been adhering to the development concept of "Credit is Life Quality For Survival", adhering to the business philosophy of "Credit Cooperation, Innovation and Excellence", attaching importance to enterprise reputation, abiding by the credit management, and providing high-quality products and services for customers at home and abroad.In product quality management, China Coal Group to implement the development strategy of globalization of the world, looking around the world, has passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, SGS International Certification Authority, the United States to ANAB Quality Management System Certification, Germany TUV Certification and the British UKAS Quality Management System Certification, the European Union CE Product Safety Certification and other International Authoritative Certification, no matter from the product research ad development capabilities, production, import and export trade, the quality management system and product certification and so on various aspects have achieved international certification standards, all-round shows the comprehensive strength of China Coal Group,At the same time, it is also a strong evidence of our group's quality products and perfect service, showing that China Coal Group is a reliable and reliable manufacturer of China, and is worthy of the trust of global merchants!

China Coal Group, relying on the good faith management for many years, has been repeatedly rated as "Keep the Contract Honor the Credit" enterprise of Jining,"Keep the Contract Honor the Credit" enterprise of Shandong Province, the"Keep the Contract Honor the Credit" enterprise of China. This time, it was honored the“Keep the Contract Honor the Credit”enterprise in Shandong Province in 2016-2017. It is a reaffirmation of the achievements of our group in honest management, which shows that our group has been at the forefront of the province's enterprises in the construction of corporate credit system. In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to adhere to the principle of good faith management and law-abiding management, continuously improve the credit level of enterprises, give play to the role of demonstration, and make positive contributions to the promotion of social credit system construction!

Congratulations To China Coal Group On Being Awarded The “Abiding By Contract And Keeping Promises” Enterprise In Shandong Province For 2016-2017


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